Welcome to CSS farms resort

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Welcome to CSS Farms Resort.

Why Choose Us?

CSS Farms Resort is a wonderful choice for quiet and relaxing events, holidays and outing in beautiful environment close to nature. In a relaxation and productivity oriented environment with modern facilities and the alluring sight of modern farm in just a few meters away, we guarantee of a carefree and memorable seasons experience.

Free WiFi

Get access to a stable and unlimited data. We have the fastest internet connection that will help you increase productivity and immerse in full entertainment.

Serene Environment

Because nature is where we all belong, our resort is located in a pure and natural environment free from all kinds of pollution, and getting you close to the free environment you desire.

On-site Restaurant

We got you covered. Our restaurant offers the best dishes, and even more, our ingredients are sourced freshly from our farms in its purest form. We take care of you in every way.

Our Rooms & Suites

Comfortable rooms offering all modern facilities

Luxury suite

Apartment with a room (King-sized bed) and a sitting room + other facilities

  • Capacity: 2 - 3 Persons
  • Beds: Single bed

King's Luxury

Room with king-sized bed +  other facilities

  • Capacity: 2 Persons
  • Beds: Single bed

King's Apartment

King’s Luxury + upgraded facilities

  • Capacity: 2 Persons
  • Beds: Single bed


Spacious room + upgraded facilities and services

  • Capacity: 2 Persons
  • Beds: Double Bed

Our Event Halls

Comfortable halls offering all modern facilities

Gold Hall

  • Capacity: 200 - 208 Persons
  • Suited for: Conferences, Lectures, Workshops, Congress Meetings, and more.

Diamond Hall

  • Capacity: 500 - 800 Persons
  • Suited for: Meetings, Conferences, party receptions, Dinner and Award Nights.

Silver Hall

  • Capacity: 100 - 150 Persons
  • Suited for: Meetings, Conferences, Workshops, and other similar events

Safe, friendly and healthy environment

All you need for a perfect outing

We are located in a safe and healthy environment, guarded 24/7 with gallant security forces, surrounded by nature and dazzling in the beauty of a modern farm.

Facilities & Services

Facilities & Services

A time out with us is no difference from home. We put your needs at the core of our services.

  • Playground
  • Lounge
  • Private Parking
  • Much more...

Room Amenities

Our rooms are comfortable and tailored to suit your needs.

  • Air-conditioning
  • 24h hot water
  • Daily maid service
  • WiFi
  • Refridgerator
  • Carded doors


CSS Farms Resort is a place like no other, I couldn’t believe I got all of the benefits plus a great treat at such a reasonable price. I would recommend for anyone in need of relaxation or event space at any time!

James john, Abuja

August 2018

How to reach CSS Farms Resort

All you need for a perfect event

From Abuja

Drive from Abuja towards keffi, stop at Gora

From Keffi

Drive along the keffi-Abuja road, stop at Gora

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